9 Oaths Konga Sellers Should Live By

I Shall Not Upload Inferior Quality Images With thousands of products waiting to grab customer attention online, product image quality is of paramount importance in ensuring consumer preference for your brand over your next biggest competitor. I Shall Ensure My Product Title & Descriptions Are Accurate One of the…


Keep Your Online Store Evolving

Do not just stop at listing your products. You should maintain your store after it has gone live by constantly updating your SHQ account with necessary information, update your inventory as often as possible making sure you are not out of stock of the items you live on the…


Experiment For Success

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Just be careful that you don’t throw a lot of money into something that isn’t yet proven. Try new products, new categories, new sources, new titles, and so on. Konga is still growing and evolving. The rules change weekly. Don’t be afraid…


Choosing A Category

You are excited about your merchandise and ready to start selling it. The next step is to list your products: In listing your products you must ensure the right category for your product is chosen, this will ensure your products visibility.. Considering Konga has a lot of categories to…


Turn Your Inventory Over Often

How many times you can turn your inventory over is the key to making high profits. Too many sellers get stuck with something that won’t sell at a profit and they keep relisting and relisting until some day it eventually sells. In the meantime, they could have sold it…


Winning New Customers

When listing your items, ensure you fill out the item specifics. For example if you are selling a dress, the item description should include the material, size and colour of the item. This will also ensure your items appear in search engines.

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