Introducing Arkounting Business Concepts Limited

Arkounting Business Concepts Limited is a financial advisory and management consulting firm which provides outsourced financial management and management consulting services to start-ups, micro, small and medium scale enterprises. Nothing excites us more than seeing start-ups and young entrepreneurs grow their businesses in a sustainable way. Our job is…


Konga Seller Sanction Policy

In a bid to avoid future misinterpretations regarding Konga sanctions and policies, we have attached  a detailed document showing all sanctions(i.e. Product, order & payment sanction). Please note the Sanction Policy is effective from today 1st July 2016 and Konga will not hesitate to sanction any seller found violating…


Life Made Easy With Kongapay

We are pleased to inform you that the KongaPay icon is now visible on your SHQ dashboard. This means that you are just 3 steps away from achieving Instant payment of sales proceeds and 5% discount on all purchases on Simply follow the steps below to signup  …

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