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Introducing Arkounting Business Concepts Limited

Arkounting Business Concepts Limited is a financial advisory and management consulting firm which provides outsourced financial management and management consulting services to start-ups, micro, small and medium scale enterprises.

Nothing excites us more than seeing start-ups and young entrepreneurs grow their businesses in a sustainable way. Our job is to hand-hold our clients through their formative years, watching them evolve from micro businesses to world class organizations through the provision of our professional services. Our Mission: “We seek to work and walk with micro, small and medium enterprises, to build sustainable businesses, a better economy, create a workplace like home for our employees whilst giving our shareholders sustainable returns”.

Though we offer other services like Training and Advisory Services, We will like to introduce two of our services that we believe will of immense value to you under your Market Place offering.

  1. CFO-In-a-Box/Financial Management Services

Our CFO-in-a-Box offering is our flagship service offering specially designed to help start-ups and small businesses in the preparation and reporting of their financial statements. Large and successful organizations most often than not attract a high caliber workforce because of the resources at their disposal. The same cannot be said for micro, small and medium scale enterprises who cannot afford high end employees because of their shoe string resources. Our Financial Management Services/CFO in-a-Box offering allows start-ups, micro, small and medium scale enterprises enjoy the benefits of having an experienced and world class CFO support the organization at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time CFO. Our CFO in-a-box offering is embedded with the following services:

  1. Preparation and presentation of monthly financial statements.
  2. Design and implementation of Accounting Systems
  3. Budget preparation and monitoring.
  4. Profitability analysis by service or product line.
  5. Trend analysis.
  6. Tax Accounting
  7. Development of company accounting policies and procedure manuals.
  8. Quarterly business review report Our CFO-in-a-Box Methodology.

Merchants will be given free access to our online transactions capture platform “FinArk” where they can on a daily basis enter details of their business activities e.g. sales, expenses, upload of invoices, loans etc. Our consultants are at the end of the spectrum to receive the imputed information and process it into usable information for the purpose of preparing financial statements.

Our consultants will on a daily basis review all transactions posted on FinArk by the merchants and will be in touch with them to ensure completeness of all transactions recorded on the platform. Channels of communication to our consultants are always opened and clients can reach our consultants every day of the week. We ensure completeness and accuracy of the financial information entered by a Merchant into FinArk by visiting the Merchant locations periodically before commencing the process leading to the preparation of financial statements.

Processed information obtained from FinArk is posted on an Enterprise Resource Planning Software which is made available to all our clients at no cost. Financial Statements are prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) with detailed analysis of the financial performance of the business for the period and uploaded back on FinArk for the clients use.

2. Monthly Business Review (MBR) Service

Our “MBR Service” offering allows Start-Ups, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises enjoy the benefits of receiving timely and accurate intra and inter departmental business performance reports which draws from the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the business. This service aggregates the most critical information from all the decision touch points in the business. It extracts the decision touch points from the critical business processes within the organization and generates business performance information that is used to guide the activities of the business.

Benefits of our services to Merchants

  1. Merchants can focus on the core of their businesses with the assurance that an effective decision support system is being
  2. Merchants will have a basis for better decision making as structured and detailed financial information will be made available to
  3. Merchants will always be ready for investors and prepared to take advantage of growth opportunities whether organic or
  4. Merchants will be able to evaluate the performance of their businesses on a real time
  5. Merchants will have the benefit of the full complement of a well- resourced finance and strategy department at a fraction of the cost of direct
  6. Merchants will have the benefit of having access to Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning tools at ZERO cost thereby reducing their operating

We Also Offer the Following Services:

  1. Business Advisory: We assist our clients in documenting, assessing, and implementing their strategic objectives preparing them for a future of sustainable growth and wealth. We seek to ensure our clients achieve their organizational goals at all
  2. Internal Audit Advisory: We work with our clients to design effective risk management, control and corporate governance framework which takes into cognizance the peculiarities of their structures and operating environments
  3. Training: We offer an exciting suite of training programs with special focus on; Financial & Management Accounting, Risk Management, Strategy, Project Management and Leadership.

For more information, you can reach us on 01-2900445 or email us at


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