80-20 Rule

Often in business you find the 80/20 relationship. If you for example sell 10 different types of jerseys you will probably find that 20% of the jerseys contribute to about 80 % of your revenues. Knowing this you need to try and identify why just a few of your…


Product Pricing

It’s a good idea to review your prices every once in a while. Just because you have the right price now, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right price tomorrow. If you see a shift in sales, it’s usually correlated to the price, e.g. if sales drop, perhaps a competitor…

Ratings plus

Ratings and Reviews

As you know one of the most important factors in a successful online Mall is building trust between buyers and sellers. The most effective way of doing this is to encourage buyers to rate their overall experience with a seller. HOW RATINGS WORKSKonga contacts your buyers and ask them…

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